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In modern buildings, the most common element used in the structure is the concrete slab. A concrete slab is also the most basic part of the foundation of any building. Slabs of steel reinforced with concrete and normally between 10 and 50 centimeters thick.

Slabs of concrete are used to construct floors and ceilings. The size and the distance of the concrete slab is measured while building the same. Thick slabs of concrete are used in many industrial and domestic establishments. They are supported on foundations or directly on the sub soil. The slab is also used to construct the ground floor of a building. In tall buildings thinner concrete slab service are placed between the frames of steel to form the floors and ceilings for each level. Once the distance is arrived the next stage is to build a mould to hold the concrete mix. A properly placed mould will ensure that the corners are reinforced properly.

After filling the mould with concrete, gravel and rocks give it some time to set. We can also decorate the slab with stones of different colors to make it more attractive. The slab is ready once the mix is hardened. Slabs of concrete can be laid on natural ground levels once the foundation work is complete. Ground floor concrete slabs have to be solid since the preparation starts after the completion of foundations and walls. Slabs of concrete of thinner size are used for exterior pavement. Proper planning of concrete slabs during construction can avoid damages which may prove costly. A sample drawing on a paper with the existing or planned areas of the slab is a good thought.

Slabs of concrete construction should be firm and leveled. It should also be well drain and provides good traction. Slabs of concrete are used to make sidewalks for use in the garden. They should be dark in color so that the glare of the sun is reduced. Slabs in plain color are not all attractive anyway. While using them in the gardens, care should be taken to avoid near trees. The growth of the roots of the trees may damage or crack the slab. Low maintenance of concrete slab should be also one of the objectives to be kept in mind. There are other materials available to resurface the concrete slabs. Epoxy filler and sealant can be used for small manageable cracks

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