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With time, carpets start to get loose and lumpy. They start to show wrinkles, wear near the buckling and lack smoothness. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your carpets, you may want to restretch them. This easy fix will eliminate the need of replacing the carpet for a while. To get this job done, you need not call in any professional since you can do it on your own.

Consider removing the baseboards located between the wall and the carpet. For this purpose, you may use a pry bar or a knife. Be careful not to do this fast. Instead, you should slowly pull the baseboards loose. In case the nails have been used to hold the baseboard to wall, you should place the bar or knife behind them in order to move the piece of wood.

Your next step is to unfasten the carpets from the wall. Elevate a carpet stretching pliers and then keep lifting it off the floor. Hold the carpet and start at one end of floor, moving along that wall and pulling the carpet away from tack strips. Keep pulling while you move. Next, you should remove aged tack strips on the floor with a pry bar. You should then get rid of them.

Keep pulling the carpet in just one direction. Place stretch carpet your carpet in the area with a knee kicker. You can rent it at an appliance or hardware store. Now, move around in the room and keep on stretching your carpet towards the wall using the knee kicker. Finally, tack the carpet down.

Now, trim excessive carpet. You will see extra carpet near the walls due to stretching. For trimming the extra carpet, you can make use of a carpet cutter. Alternatively, you can use a sharp knife, too. Be careful as you cut the extra carpet. While cutting, you should avoid cutting too long. In the same way, you should avoid cutting too short. Keep your pace slow and cut in a straight line.

Finally, you should restore the baseboards. You should position the baseboards strongly against floor. You can use adhesive or nails in order to attach baseboards to the wall.

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