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Being a homeowner in these hard economic times, you will be looking for ways to save time and money on your yard. There are many ways that you can do this project inexpensive, so you can enjoy your new yard.

Yes you can do this yourself and a great way to start your landscape project is to get design ideas. Look at books and newspapers then gather the ideas. Then you and your family can get some ideas on your yard project for this spring. You may consider buying in bulk to save money. You can have your family and friends help pay when you buy in bulk. This will help when doing some yard projects this year.

Ask around then you may purchase your landscaping supplies in bulk. Mulch is used in bulk mulch projects this is less expensive when buying in bulk. In addition, when your plants have matured such as day lilies and hostas you may divide in to smaller clumps. Then spread into your landscaping garden. Share with your friends and family. My friend did work in a garden center and every spring he would brake up the day lilies and the hostas into smaller pots.

There are many types of mulch available in the market today. But an organic mulch is highly recommended, primarily because it provides the most benefits to the soil. As the organic mulch breaks down, it enhances the soil quality, and leaves behind organic materials that attract earthworms which helps improve any garden.

In general, the most ideal mulch for flower beds is bulk mulch supply hardwood or pine bark. They are best used after they have been aged at least one year. Mulches are sold in cubic feet, often by bulk in bags.

The best time of the year to spread mulch is just after the winter season, when the ice has started to melt. At some point during the spring season is another ideal time to mulch your garden. It is actually better to apply mulch while the soil is still a bit wet, after the rain, for example.

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