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Take the backsplash, for example. A backsplash is the vertical extension of a counter. It is usually installed to protect the walls. Most kitchens have them and some bathrooms do – but overall, it is a detail that is almost an afterthought in a remodeling project.

In the bathroom, installing a backsplash can prevent water from seeping behind the counter, which can cause rot over time. In the kitchen, a backsplash protects walls from stains, since most of them are made from stain resistant materials such as granite or stone.

Backsplashes are fairly easy to install. A handy jack-of-all trades can install one without much trouble. It certainly won’t cost an arm and leg if you choose to hire a professional. You can choose tiles, granite or some other material, which will greatly determine the total cost for your backsplash. With the number of options available on the market today, there’s bound to be a backsplash for every budget.

Experienced decorators however, know how to use a stone backsplash detail such as an ordinary backsplash to complete a room’s appeal. The right backsplash adds to a room’s “wow” factor without drawing attention to itself. It is precisely the kind of decorating detail that, if you get it right, pulls a room together. It helps not only to define space, but to enhance it. Not bad for being an ordinary counter extension.

Tiles come in a wide variety of stone, from light coloured and warm travertine marble to dark and dramatic slate. And although they require sealing to reach the maximum durability, stone floors will stand up to almost anything.

Look for a flooring installation contractor that is experienced laying natural stone tiles, as this job can be somewhat tricky. Often stone flooring pieces are not perfectly square or flat, which makes them challenging for an amateur to lay down properly. And quality during the installation stage is vital to longevity in any flooring.

Just as large stone tiles can be installed on the floor, smaller tiles are perfect to install on the wall, creating a gorgeous backsplash in new kitchens. Your entire kitchen will feel more upscale and finished with a stone backsplash and the colour choice is seemingly limitless.

Remember that with stone no two pieces are exactly alike in pattern and hue, so if you’re aiming for a uniform subway tile look you’ll be happier with ceramic. But for a unique, high-end wall finish that will be strong and impenetrable, natural stone is the best choice.

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