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Anyone will agree that the stair part that takes the most abuse are the stair treads. This is no surprise since they take the bulk of the weight of those who use the stairs. This is exactly why making sure that they are in top shape should be the main priority of homeowners to ensure that they will be always safe to use. Here are a few quick tips on repairing your stair tread:

One remarkable thing about stairs is that they are made so that they stair repair intact and durable, even with constant use. This is what makes stair repair and renovation such a tedious task. The higher the quality of your staircase, the harder it is to fix specific parts since they are not made to be taken apart piece by piece. This is especially true for fixing hardwood treads. Sometimes, homeowners just opt to but an entirely new tread instead of repairing them!

When it comes to fixing your stair treads, the approach you will be using will highly depend on the specific problem at hand. For example, in the case of creaking interior stairs, chances are something went loose and is in dire need of tightening. Sometimes, all it takes is the adjusting of a screw or the hammering of a nail, but when these fail, you might have to put in wedges in places where the gaps are causing that creaking sound.

In the case of wooden treads, one common stair repairs seen is the splitting of the wood. So when this happens, the best thing to do would be to replace it with a new tread. Gluing the split stair treads together would just be potentially dangerous and split again sometime in the future. Even if you are using a high grade epoxy. Besides, the use of glue is not very advisable aesthetic-wise. So you better stick to stair tread replacement instead.

These are just some of the quick and simple tips on how to handle stair tread repair. Making sure that your treads are safe to use and in perfect shape will guarantee that your stairs are safe to use. Lastly, know the safety boundary between repair and replacement. If it’s taking you too much time and effort to repair, you may opt for replacement instead. Usually, it’s also a lot safer when the treads are too risky for continued use.

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