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Metal working is considered an art form and it is what the backbone of our infrastructure is made of. As a welder you can build just about anything you want. This is a talent that can be just a hobby or even an excellent career choice. Metal joining trades are versatile and always changing while still using the same fundamental techniques.

As a welder you have the opportunities to work in any industry that deals with metals in one way or another. Metal working skills can provide a comfortable life for you for many years to come and until retirement. With so many opportunities and demand for these skills you need to know the answer to the obvious question.

For most people the answer is to find a welding or metal work class to attend. Classes can vary from learning to create metal art as a hobby all the way to learning to weld for a living through a college level training course. As a metal joiner you can earn a comfortable living as long as you have the right skill set. In today’s market there is a shortage of qualified welders that can do the jobs employers need.

Metal joining can be done in many ways but the most common is thermal joining involving some sort of heat source. The most common heat source comes from electricity in the form of an arc. This is considered arc welding and is what most welders learn to do for a living. Welder training programs focus on arc welding because it can be used on just about any metal. This is the skill that is used for building our infrastructure and it does not look like there will be any change in the methods for many years to come.

If you are interested in learning more about working with sheet metal work it would be a good idea to look into some local classes. Metal working can be dangerous and deadly when done without the proper training. This is even more reason why you should learn from a professional that is a certified welding instructor or has finished an apprenticeship program. Another place that you might be able to learn these skills are working as a shop helper for a small business. There are many small businesses that need help doing manual labor and they will teach you the tricks of the trade in return for doing a good job. Some of the work a shops helper can do day one is grinding, metal preparation and soon they will start learning how to cut different alloys. Once the helper gets these basic skills down then they can start spot welding and getting a taste of the higher skilled tasks needed in the ship.

When choosing a welding class you will need to know exactly what you want to learn. A class that is just a intro to metal working is not going to offer the same level of training as a class that you would earn a two year degree. Most welding programs are as good as the instructor’s who teach them and that is exactly why you want to do your research. A good idea is to get references or look for reviews about that program. When learning these skills safety is a big concern. As a new student you need to have the right safety equipment before attending class.

The cost of these types of classes varies depending where you live and what types of schools are in your area. Some schools even offer free training because local businesses need these skills. Other programs can be subsidized for local residents and a class can cost just a few hundred dollars. On the other hand there are programs that will cost tens of thousands of dollars for those people who plan to use their talents to earn a living.

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