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Kitchen countertops must be functional too as appealing. The best for each and every homeowner is to use a material that tones well together with the colour scheme on the space and is sturdy, scratch- and stain-resistant, and effortless to clean and maintain. Travertine does not match into this category; as a “soft” stone it damages simply, retains stains and shows acid etchings. It can be employed for countertops in Europe, nonetheless, exactly where property owners think about the marks that develop more than time part of your “character” with the kitchen.

Travertine is a variety of limestone, and is offered in distinctive degrees of density and hardness. The stone types near hot springs. When gas bubbles are trapped against it, they generate tiny holes that give it a “pitted” surface. Some travertine stones are more porous than other folks. You can fill the holes, or “pitting,” with epoxy ahead of finishing, giving the stone a extra polished look. Alternatively, it is possible to use it in its organic type and it is going to create a smooth sheen more than time.

You can use travertine as a countertop, but in line with the book “Tile Your Globe,” it’s not the ideal stone for this objective. Like other forms of limestone, travertine countertops is simple to scratch and food acids such as lemon juice can harm it. It scratches effortlessly, and as a result of its porosity, spilled liquids may well soak in and leave a stain. In addition, the absorption of liquids can result in the development of bacteria in the stone unless you disinfect it frequently.

Polished travertine kitchen countertops is much less porous than honed travertine, but it nevertheless retains stains and etchings. Stone experts recommend that sealing helps to protect it, but you’ll must re-seal travertine countertops often to keep the finish and shield them from everyday hazards. Seal it with a water-based or solvent-based sealer specially formulated for travertine.

Cleaning chemical compounds frequently include acid, ammonia as well as other substances that may perhaps harm soft stone. Travertine countertops will sustain harm if a harsh chemical cleaner is applied. For every day cleaning of travertine countertops, use an all-purpose liquid soap using a neutral pH balance of 7, a microfiber cloth and warm water. For heavy duty cleaning or stripping ahead of re-sealing, use an alkaline stone cleaner to break down grease and get rid of old sealant. It truly is utilised for countertops in Europe, nonetheless, exactly where homeowners think about the marks that create over time part of the “character” on the kitchen.

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