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By the time you finish reading this, you’ll know which whole house water filtration systems are the best. Finding the right system is overwhelming as there’s so many to consider. Your health depends on selecting the right one.

The installation location of a filter is your first point to think about. Do you want to filter your shower, sink tap water, or your entire home? Whole house water filtration systems are the most popular choice as every source of water is purified.

You probably are thinking that the only whole house water filtration system need to worry about is your kitchen tap. That’s the only one your family drinks from and uses for cooking. Think again. Your other uses of water are actually just as dangerous as drinking it.

Showering or bathing in chlorinated tap water is very hazardous to your health. First, your skin absorbs the chlorine. A ten minute shower is just as bad as drinking 2 liters of contaminated water. Also, the chlorine turns into chloroform. So, your lungs are filling up with chemicals. This can lead to serious respiratory problems.

Also, if you find you have dry skin and hair or have house water filter irritations, it’s probably from the chlorine you are showering or bathing in. Once you install a whole house water filtration system, you’ll see an immediate improvement with your hair and skin.

Tap water can have parasites. Even when it’s treated with chlorine that’s intended to kill bacteria and parasites, some are not affected by it. By just brushing you can end up with a parasite in your digestive system. The right types of whole house water filtration systems will also remove parasites.

If you and your family are concerned about the unwanted chemicals, minerals and bacteria in your family’s drinking and cooking water or are if you interested in just better tasting water, whole house water filtration systems are an excellent idea.

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