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You will discover two alternative finishes which might be applied to butcher block countertops. The mineral oil finish is definitely the a single made use of for cutting surfaces. The oil situations the wood so that it will not dry out, warp, or crack. Every time you wash the countertop you’ll remove a few of the oil. As a result, you’ll want to re-apply this non-toxic material each 6 weeks or so. Mineral oil is just not waterproof, Wood kitchen countertops so when the top rated gets wet, the grain could raise, generating the wood feel rough. So possessing sinks in butcher block countertops isn’t an excellent idea. The location about the sink will at some point discolor, turning dark. Cut marks from knives are simply sanded out, but then you definitely need to re-oil.

Another finish applied on wood countertops would be the “varnique” finish. This can be a baked on satin polyurethane finish. It is protected for speak to with meals, and it features a low sheen, which most folks are content with. You shouldn’t reduce on butcher block countertops with this finish mainly because cutting will get rid of the protection, leaving the wood exposed to water along with other household liquids. It is exceptionally complicated to repair cuts in this finish in order that you will not notice them.

On the other hand, if you’re not cutting on this finish, the benefit is that it’s virtually carefree. It is waterproof, so it is possible to have a sink reduce out in it. And you may spill grape juice of red wine on it, wipe it away, and not have a stain. In kitchens that combine stone and butcher block countertops, home owners typically would like to do some cutting around the wood surface, Wood countertop so they want the oil finish. When you only want it for appears, then go with the varnique.

A number of companies give butcher block countertops in lots of wood species, at diverse value points. Really hard maple (also known as sugar maple) would be the very best decision for cutting due to the fact it has the tightest grain and will be the hardest from the appropriate woods. Decrease grades of maple contain: western maple, soft maple, and Chinese maple. They are all soft woods and they’re not fantastic surfaces that may take loads of abuse.

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