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Just a few months ago I went more than to repair a pocket door that was closing at a weird angle. This was the initial time I had ran into this sort of scenario and was surely confused. I got a flashlight and started searching inside the pocket door frame. I had a difficult time finding the issue but when I did it was apparent.

As the pocket doors was sliding closed it would function completely but if you went to open it the bottom in the door would stick out about an inch and also a half passed the door jam. The problem turned out to become the track was missing a screw in the quite back and because the door slid back into the frame the tracking would hang down at an angle from the weight from the door. There was no solution to attain the screw because it was at that quite back with the pocket door frame near the framing itself.

To be able to fix the pocket door trouble I was going to possess to eliminate a very good sized location of the plastered wall at the upper suitable hand corner in the pocket door frame. This was the only thing I could think about and would need a straightforward wall patch and some paint to make the repair full.

This job took me about one particular hour to reduce the hole and replaced the screw that had fallen out from the pocket door tracking. I then use some rapid setting drywall plaster and some fiberglass drywall tape to repair the wall. This took one more hour to finish the drywall correctly.

Some pocket door troubles are a bit a lot easier to repair than this one particular. Most pocket doors seemed to have complications sliding and sooner or later are left closed, by no means to be utilized again.

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