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If you are looking to finish your home with concrete countertops you have made a great choice. There is many benefits of going with concrete over choosing granite. Granite countertops can be a beautiful finish to your home but concrete has risen as a great a competitor. I will discuss with you just some of the reasons you should choose concrete over granite.

When you mention concrete to people they may envision their driveway, or a sidewalk. That’s what I first thought of when I first heard about concrete countertops. Cold and grey was what came to mind. This however is not the case. The options with concrete far out way that of granite. Colorants can be added to the concrete mixture. Colors can range from white to black to purple or green. The options are endless.

Another great thing about concrete countertops is that since they are made with forms you can add more shape and add other mediums inserted into the countertop. Many of these include adding a built-in draining dish rack or a built-in draining soap dish holder. To add flare with other mediums many people indent coins within their countertops or have fossils exposed. Really the options keep going because it is really up to your creativity what you wish to add or shape differently. This is really my favorite part of concrete countertops.

A plus side to concrete is the fact that it is earth friendly. How so? Well its made with earth friendly materials. Sand, cement, and rocks. Also even more importantly is with granite it must be imported and shipped from all over the world and sent to a distributor in your area. This creates a lot of pollution that damages the environment while with concrete it can be made with resources at your disposal in your own area.

This brings me to another point. If you are good handy man you can make concrete countertop yourself! I strongly suggest this. Do some research and buy a book on how to make your own countertops. The cost is can be extremely low if you decide to do it yourself. Also you can add any special touches you want at no extra cost.

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