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Since time immemorial, people have used steam for the medicinal benefits it can give, from helping them sweat off toxins, to cleanse their skin of impurities, and to aid them in achieving total wellness. The ancient Greeks, Russians, and Turks enjoyed their saunas as much as people today do. In fact, there have been accounts of steam showers dating back from this period.

Today, many people understand the indulgence and fantastic experience that these kinds of showers have on their wellbeing. The healing effects of the steam shower can improve blood circulation, stimulate an inactive lymph system, and generally boost immunity. Steam is also known to relieve stress, particularly after a long day of work, relax tight muscles, and relieve pain brought about by sports injuries. Many women appreciate steam showers for helping them cleanse pores. Steam can also be effective in relieving clogged noses and to decongest phlegm.

There are many models of this kind of shower in the market today. Some designs have multiple jets that can be used for soothing massage. Others have adjustable showerheads to help direct the steaming water where it is needed to most, particularly in cases of muscle pain. In many cases, steamy showers can be used in combination with aromatherapy to mimic the spa experience.

The investment of installing a showers in one’s home is invaluable. Not only will it increase the property value, it makes for a convenient way to relax, be soothed, and relieved of all the incidental aches and pains that occur. People who suffer from arthritis will find that steam showers are perfect for alleviating the agony of swollen joints. Steam is also beneficial for dry skin. Not only will the whole body feel relaxed and invigorated after a steam shower, the skin becomes soft and supple, as well.

What other way to pamper oneself but with a nightly steam shower to relax after a tiring day at work or after vigorous hours of playing a favorite sport? Installing one will not take a good deal of money or time. After discussing with an electrician and a plumber, the most feasible way to install your steam shower can be determined, as well as project the estimated expense for the accessory and installation. There will be no additional worries about the added humidity as long as the bathroom is installed and has a window that you can open afterwards to aid in ventilation.

Steam showers require enclosed spaces to maximize the amount of steam and the effect it brings. In the absence of a shower area with an enclosed stall, a bathtub surrounded by a curtain will do. A separate cubicle for a steam shower is ideal if the bathroom is big enough to accommodate it, the essential thing is to have a strong connection for electricity, as well as an adequate drain to make way for the steam generator, should the homeowner choose to have one installed.

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