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Apart from the debilitating symptoms and gastrointestinal inflammation, a sudden and evident sense of helplessness and restlessness adds unfathomable woes that IBD patients have to grapple with. None of these bodily changes and inflammation can be combated with the aid of medications alone. Hence, in order to supress both gastrointestinal and non-gastrointestinal signs simultaneously, in the most successful manner, here are the crucial factors that have to be kept in mind:

Though no evidence can emphasize the fact that food and inflammatory bowel are connected, what one eats can trigger exacerbations and lead to life threatening complications. This is the key reason why dietary regimens for IBD patients have to exclude certain foods and beverages, irrespective of being healthy and commonly advised. These specific foods and beverages and cause flare-ups and at thus slow down the effects of treatment for inflammatory bowel disease. In short, they delay the process of achieving long-term remission or the symptom-free stage which is indispensable to regain health and wellness. When it comes to adopting the right dietary practices to curb IBD signs the following points have to be always kept in mind

  1. Limit the use of dairy products

  2. Avoid butter, margarine, friend foods etc. Try low fat foods that are easy on digestion

  3. High fiber foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables can cause exacerbations. Try baking, stewing, or steaming them.

  4. Avoid spices, alcohol, caffeine, and other troublemakers.

  5. Eat your meals in small portions

  6. Drink plenty of water

  7. Consider optimal use of multivitamins

  8. Get the best tips from a registered dietician

Smoking can worsen inflammatory bowel disease conditions and cause life threatening relapses that lead to long term medications and frequent surgeries that worsen the health conditions of the patients.

Stress, depression, anxiety, and anger can cause dangerous flare-ups that worsen IBD signs and GI inflammation. The following strategies are commonly recommended to curb stress, depression, anxiety and so on:

  1. Mild exercises

  2. Biofeedback

  3. Relaxation methods and breathing exercises

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