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One of the advantages of installing wood, fiber cement, or stucco siding on your home is that these siding materials can be painted with almost any color. This doesn’t mean that selecting the best color for your home is going to be easy, but at least you have a broad spectrum of colors to choose from.

New wood siding can be finished with paint, stain, or a protective clear coat, which highlights the natural color and grain of the wood. If you want to paint your wood siding a vibrant color, then it is important that you first prime all sides of each board, as this can help prevent the siding from warping or cupping.

When using a stain to color your house siding, you can apply the stain directly to the raw wood without priming it first. Traditional colors, such as white, beige, or tan often look best on wood lap siding that has a smooth surface, while more earthy tones of brown or gray tend to look best on rough surfaced wood siding.

Many brands of fiber cement siding come factory primed, so the siding is ready to paint right out of the box. When selecting a color, you should always consider the style of siding, the architectural characteristics of your home, and the colors of the other houses in the neighborhood.

Stucco siding often looks best finished in traditional colors siding contractors, such as clay red, light brown, or white. On some homes, stucco walls can appear flat due to the absence of any details or the shadow lines of a traditional lap siding, so it may be wise design decision to avoid darker colors.

When selecting a color for your home’s siding, you should first paint a test patch on your home so that you can see how the color appears on the actual siding. You should also confirm that the type of paint or stain you choose is approved by the siding manufacturer.

For homeowners that are not interested in the expenses and effort to paint and repaint siding, then vinyl siding is the ideal choice. This type of siding does not need to be painted, and comes available in a variety of colors, from dark to light.

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