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The importance of trees is not hidden from anyone. They play a key role in our environment and ecosystem and assist in reducing pollutants and improving our well-being. Pruning and removal of trees can be both complicated and dangerous. It should not be done by someone who is not trained for the job. A highly skilled operation is required which ought to be carried out by professionals. These professionals are required to undertake study in this field and are required to contribute to improving a tree’s health, enhancing its visual appeal and also boosting its long-term structural integrity.

However, in your search for an arborist, there are chances that you might come across tree loppers. They are untrained and may not have adequate knowledge of pruning and therefore may not be able to make the right decision for your trees. They might also recommend cutting down parts of the tree which is often sold as ‘quick fix’, which is not right for your trees and creates more problems than it fixes. In fact, trees that are hacked haphazardly develop structural faults and become unsafe.

Qualifications As in any other profession, an arborist must also hold a designated qualification from a recognized institution. For example, if you employing a consultant ensure that they have qualified with an Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) level 5 diploma in horticulture. However, if you want a removal or pruning of a tree, make sure that the arborist you hire is qualified with an AQF level 3 diploma in horticulture.

Checking with Arboriculture Association Whether you are planning to hire a level arborists or a consultant that deals in tree risk assessment, root damage and tree health, consulting the arboriculture association can be a good idea. This association maintains a list of registered consultants that offer competent services and also maintain professional indemnity insurance. In fact, the Institute of Chartered Foresters that represents foresters and arboriculturists, also maintains a list of consultants that are professional members of ICF. This process can assist you with employing a reliable professional for your requirements.

The internet can also serve as a good option to search for professional arborists. You can search the web for a list of professionals in this area of work and pick one without having to run from pillar to post. Make your selection based upon their experience, qualification and level they are working in. However, you should always make it a point to read the client testimonials. In fact, you can also go through some actual case studies of the people you want to hire to ensure that you are making the right decision.

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