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Progressively more than the years, the steroids she took to relieve the discomfort brought on irreversible damage to her bones, eyes, skin, muscles and organs. Her cervical spine no longer has the cushion of discs involving vertebrae; bone sits on bone. When she gets an injury of any sort she will not heal. She has had innumerable surgeries to repair the damages caused by her auto-immune disorder. She is literally eroding away.

With all her pain and physical issues, I usually custom closets how she gets out of bed each and every morning. I am pretty certain that beneath the same situations I could not. But she does get out of bed every day; constantly has and nevertheless manages to accomplish so. Most days she even goes out. Her will is ironclad.

Frequently when we think of somebody with a strong will we think about a person who has an insatiable zest for life, or an individual who knows what she wants, lets practically nothing stop her, and goes soon after it with gusto. None of those characterizations applies to the will of this lady. Two issues motivate her; her desperate want for narcissistic supply and her egotistical determination to seem fantastic towards the planet. She refuses, no matter the situation, to let any individual to find out her (or assume of her as) weak, injured or infirm.

For the previous 5 years her capability to balance and walk has all but disappeared. She has been unable to stroll greater than a couple of methods with no holding on to her husband, the wall, or the nearest piece of furnishings. Still she insists that she walks fine. Any mention of her making use of a device to maintain her from falling, like a walker, cane, wheelchair, or scooter is met with volatile defensiveness. She insists that she does not have to have assistance.

Needless to say, she has taken some really tough falls within the last 5 years. She when fell backwards from the floor for the bathtub; the back of her head bashing full-force in to the ceramic soap dish attached to the wall. Her head split wide open from the blow.

This lady has been told by her medical doctor, in no uncertain terms, that if she falls again, the probability of her ending up paralyzed or dead is excellent. Even though her worst worry may very well be realized (getting to sit or even extra dreadfully be observed within a wheelchair) she nevertheless insists she requires no help to stroll.

Recently she fell in her closet and broke her closet organization appropriate arm. Her hand has been rendered useless as a result of that injury. The doctor says that her bone is just not healing. Ironically, even if she decided to rely on a walker now, she physically can’t.

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