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Do you notice the morning light that seeps through between your floor and the garage from the inside? If so, it means your house is not entirely insulated so that heat escapes through the gap and you are spending more than necessary for heating the house. Although there are many garage door parts, in this article we’ll be concentrating on installing one of the most important ones. Don’t let heat escape be – installing the right garage door weatherstrip.

Among homeowners with DIY experience, weatherstripping is not a problem. But even you’re not a DIY homebody, simply getting the right tools and allotting some time for it are all you need to do the job. The procedures below detail a basic guide you can adapt to start you on the road to solving a garage door insulation inadequacy that’s common in many homes.

For starters, you would need the following materials: pencil, hammer, some flat head nails, scissors, screw driver and a tape measure. Of course you need to have the garage weather stripping that often comes in strips of 10-30 feet. Should you require 20 feet, just work with two 10-foot strips and there are stripping kits that already include the needed nails. Open the door just enough so its bottom edge can easily be reached.

Next, get the width of your garage door with a tape measure. The door could already have some rubber stripping that line the edge but has worn out so you may need to remove it by pulling out the nails using the screw driver. Either that or you can just leave it there and cover with a fresh weather stripping which can give better sealing.

Position the nails evenly spaced along the door weatherstripping concrete threshold. This should guide you in determining where along the weather strip the nails will be used.Open the stripping kit leaving it intact in its entirety until after you are done with the nailing. Start from the door’s leftmost edge. Place the stripping over the garage door’s bottom edge making certain that the lip with the curved side faces the door’s backside.

Working along the door’s edge from left to right, hammer each nail to attach the weather strip to the door’s bottom edge. When done, cut the strip off using your scissors at the point meeting the rightmost edge of your garage door.See to it that there no excess nails that might injury or cause damage to the floor.Lastly, just a couple things to consider: Be sure to buy only the best quality garage door weather seal you can afford – one that can survive years of use. And to make sure your garage door weatherstrip remains effective through the years, don’t stretch it when installing.

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