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Discovering the right transmission for the restored muscle car or truck might be tricky. Getting a transmission that balances worth and speed with durability and gas mileage may be almost impossible. The 700R4 transmission from Chevy does all of those, and it does them at a cost that even the rehabber on a tight price range won’t object to.

Your demands in your rehabilitation are going to strongly influence your selection when it comes to your transmission. The 700R4 transmission provides something for everyone. Specialist rehabbers will like the truth that with its enhanced energy and overall performance, the 700R4 significantly raises the resale value of any car. Instead of feeling like they’re slipping behind the wheel of a restored hot rod, buyers feel like they are taking the wheel of a auto that’s fresh off the lot.

As an expert rehabilitator you know that the drivetrain is essential. With the 700R4 transmission you can supply your clients extra power, far better overall performance and greater gas mileage than ever ahead of. Consumer satisfaction is vital when you happen to be restoring hot rods with all the intention of reselling them when the rehabilitation is comprehensive. The 700R4 provides them almost everything they want.

From the point of view of your driver, the 4l60e transmission transmission has a good deal to offer you. Although the worst of this summer’s gas value crisis is well behind us, nobody will ever forget the horror of watching gas costs climb to the point that quite a few drivers had to find new houses for their gas-guzzling SUVs, pick-up trucks and hot rods. With gas prices down dramatically lots of of these automobiles are reclaiming the road, but most drivers are continuing to spot higher significance on the gas mileage of their automobiles than ever before with an eye toward the possibility of gas costs climbing again within the near future.

The 700R4 has been verified to improve gas mileage by as significantly as forty percent, an extraordinary distinction for commuters and residential drivers alike. With gas no longer a problem, you as well as your restored hot rod can take pleasure in everything that the highway has to present guilt totally free.

There’s always a touch of caution any time you 700r4 a restored hot rod, since you happen to be never positive what nasty surprises may be lurking below the hood waiting to pop out at you the very first time you’re flying down the interstate. The 700R4 transmission is taking the guesswork out of getting a restored vehicle. There’s no guesswork, just peak functionality. You under no circumstances need to cross your fingers and hope you got fortunate if you sign around the dotted line.

The remanufactured 4l60e transmission transmission is the top rated choice for restoring your hot rod. Find out what this top rated of your line transmission has to offer you your rehabilitation. It might be just the transmission you’ve been searching for.

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