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Chimney cleaning is normally accomplished having a set of tools carried by all accurate chimney cleaning services referred to as chimney rods and chimney brushes. These particular tools would be the identical as they were centuries ago. The rods are produced of fiber glass or wood and can be shop purchased or hand created. The brushes is usually made of poly or plastic even metal I’ve observed a single set created of leather and burlap just before.

These tools happen to be employed inside the chimney cleaning course of action because the beginning of chimney sweeping in Europe centuries ago. We nevertheless use the same approach nowadays. Mostly for the for the very simple purpose that it operates and in some cases with all of the advances in technologies the chimney business enterprise will stay since it has usually been until the finish of time a trade of skilled chimney sweeps.

But we’re not only old fashioned dummy’s we have the added tools of technology in our organization. We’ve a item that’s accessible to males in the trade known as a chim scan. This item can be a camera which can be fished down the chimney. This enables us to now see the extent of damage and creosote create up with out utilizing mirrors and a flash light. We may very well be in a position to make use of the mirrors however it is not possible to show the customers what we see. The invention from the chim scan was born for this purpose.

Chimney cleaning is carried out by chimney cleaner taking the chimney rods with all the proper sized brush head on it and moving it up and down your chimney flue scraping the make up and soot off the inner part of your chimney. This is a straightforward process and has been made use of for a lengthy time.

This approach might be performed from the ground or in the roof. Inside a fire place cleaning. following the flue has been cleaned the job is still not completed. The smoke shelf have to be cleaned applying a hand brush. This can not be cleaned in the roof a chimney sweep have to get there torso inside your fireplace to complete this really dirty process. If your service provider has not carried out this your fire location has not been cleaned appropriately. This really is also where creosote builds up in mass. It truly is crucial that the fire box and smoke shelf is cleaned in this style or you run the threat of a chimney fire.

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