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The old business maxim has always held true: “If you are not growing, you are shrinking.” However, the question for small and medium sized businesses, or 3pl services is not whether to grow, but how to grow. Likewise, knowing how to grow not only implies you have a method of growth, but you also know which aspect of your business you wish to expand.

Expanding reach, however, can be costly and challenging. For instance, suppose your business began selling on online boutiques like Amazon. Perhaps you can gain more exposure and move more units this way, but with a greater number of orders comes the burden of filling them all, which can become unmanageable overnight.

Some businesses, of course, ramp up for a greater number of sales by hiring more employees. But this doesn’t work for every business’s budget after you tack the expense of an expanded payroll and workers’ benefits. In this light, it is very easy to see how this method of expansion can very quickly cause cash-flow problems, if not require you take out a loan.

For businesses that don’t want to hire new employees, another option to reach is partnering with a third-party logistics provider, or 3PL.  3pl logistics companies  provide large-scale logistical support on shipping, warehousing and other tasks. Rather than hiring extra staff and ordering new inventory on site, your business can simply contract a 3PL to handle these aspects for you ahead of your online launch.

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