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When selecting a hardwood floor for your home or place of business perhaps the last word that individuals want to hear is the term “engineered”. Often associated with lesser quality material, the term “engineered” immediately sets off alarms of would be potential purchasers of engineered Wood Floor Fitter Cardiff  shutting off all further communication and explanation of the numerous benefits offered by engineered flooring.

The term “engineered” only implies how the flooring material is made as is of little consequence to the overall brilliance, dependability and affordability that engineered flooring is noted for. Ranked as one of the top choices of all available wood flooring materials, engineered wood floors continue to excel in performance with lasting quality that supports the composition of all engineered wood floors.

There a few reasons why the engineered woods are gaining their fame in floorboard usage. The first is the price difference between engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring. The former costs less to manufacture. In spite of the low prices at which it is offered in the market, it can better withstand moisture and temperature changes when compared to solid  Wood Floor Fitter . Another reason is the strength of the wear layer of engineered wood flooring. This layer can be sanded up to 5 times, which is cost-efficient. Lastly, there is an option to use engineered hardwood to be attached directly on top of concrete surfaces or existing hardwood floorboards. This feature is extremely useful for floor service providers such as a flooring team company.

A flooring team company is one of the few companies that provide expert flooring services. They are able to service all kinds of floors. They will provide homeowners in making the right decisions when it comes to refinishing engineered floors. Every homeowner is faced with the decision to sand floorboards’ surfaces or replace the floorboards.

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