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Motivation could be the art of generating people self believe and function towards a target that they/you cannot see but can only visualize and it is actually a single on the most significant aspects that aids human accomplish and exceed expectations. Motivating employees and self is usually a crucial part of all small business establishments in the ever growing competitive global market plus the Food & Beverage industry is no exception.

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Manager, restaurant manager or Restaurant supervisor, motivation should be one of your prime strength and you should be able to motivate your restaurant staff so that they can make your guests experience excellence in service each time. In case you have heard with the Maslow’s motivation theory of hierarchy of needs you will agree that each individual is at a certain level on the pyramid and strives to fulfill a particular need. As a restaurant manager you need to understand the level on the pyramid that your restaurant employees is on and accordingly motivate them to obtain things that they desire.

For instance you can’t assure self esteem to a person who is striving really hard to make a living or get a shelter, you have to find what motivates your employees and your incentives or efforts should be in that direction.

In a restaurant not all jobs are high paying and being a service industry you have to bear all things that a guest comes with therefore it truly is essential that your restaurant employees is high on motivation level which means that they should be ready to function towards a particular target within the interest of the restaurant.

You need to show them that they are important to the restaurant as well as the restaurant management also thinks about their growth and will reward them with rewards they desire. This is something that can keep them motivated. As a restaurant manager you will have to understand that motivation will be different for different staff members and you will have to learn the art of balancing it out between them.

A motivated employee will not only do his operate inside the best possible way but will also create a positive vibe for the rest of the staff and bring in a lot more than just hisher services. Motivation if correctly used is usually a very effective tool that can help you develop a strong and winning team that will overcome adverse conditions and take the company to newer heights.

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