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Cambridge, MA (June 17, 2015) – Did you learn anything in health class besides fear, abstinence, and maybe how to roll a condom onto a banana? Well, attendance is mandatory at Rogue Burlesque’s Your Body And You, a summer health assembly full of cautionary tales, celebratory moments and your daily recommended dosage of striptease! Health teacher Joan (comic Jessie Baade), and the gifted gals of Rogue will guide you through the horrors of drug abuse, the dangers and pleasures of promiscuity, the basics of hygiene and the wonders of the large intestine – all with pasties!

With an assist from gym teacher Jim (Dale Stones of Sirlesque), dancing STDs, and an epic, live-action contraception battle, you’ll leave loving everybody!

“I’m choreographing our big finale number – a battle of STIs and sperm up against various prevention methods and birth control,” says Rogue Burlesque director Dixie Douya. “We are aiming for ridiculous meets sexy. But most of all, it must be scientifically accurate. I’m a public health nerd!”

The full-scale burlesque production features the wayward staff and faculty of a fictional, dysfunctional high school. “Rogue Burlesque is known for character and story-driven acts,” says producer Brandy Wine. “We want to spread important messages of self-love, body positivity, and healthy sexuality — through comedy and striptease.”

Despite the absurdity, there will be genuine health experts on hand. “We’re delighted to welcome the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health to the show as our educational partner,” says Ms. Wine. “They’ll be on hand to answer questions and reassure you that the HPV virus is NOT actually five feet tall and covered in glitter.” The CSPH will provide free condoms and practical resources for audience members to continue their sexual health education after the show.

Cast includes:
Health Teacher Joan (Jessie Baade)
Gym Teacher Jim (Dale Stones)
Dixie Douya
Busty Keaton
Brandy Wine
Dewie Decimator
Polly Surely
Lotta Sass
Cheeky Devine
Isobel Valo
Tuesday Addams

WARNING: This assembly may contain references to street drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, vibrators, digestive processes, dental hygiene and smoking.

Your Body And You is at Oberon, 2 Arrow Street, Cambridge, MA on Sundays, July 19 and 26, 2015. Doors open at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8:00pm. Tickets range from $15-30. Must be 18+ to attend. Tickets are available here: http://americanrepertorytheater.org/events/show/your-body-and-you-theatrical-comedy-striptease-spectacular

About Rogue Burlesque
The Rogues have brought their brand of gorgeous, geeky burlesque to New England since 2009. The Independent Film Channel television featured them as a quintessential Boston experience, right up there with the Sam Adams Brewery, and in 2013 they earned a Judge’s Choice award at Alterna-Tease: The New England Neo-Burlesque Festival. The troupe has dazzled audiences at Oberon, Club Cafe, ImprovBoston, and festivals, private parties and events across the nation. They are regular performers at the Women in Comedy Festival, held a multi-year monthly residency at the Middlesex Lounge and taught five-star striptease classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education. They are also members of the Boston Circus Guild and the creators of the wildly popular Lucky 13 Amateur Burlesque Competition.

Learn more at http://rogueburlesque.com, and check Twitter (@RogueBurlesque) and Facebook for daily news and photos.

About The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (The CSPH)
The CSPH is a sexuality training and education organization that works to reduce sexual shame, challenge misinformation, & advance the field of sexuality. This is achieved by coordinating professional trainings for health care providers, educators, and counselors, holding educational initiatives and community events within the local communities, and offering a rigorous internship program for students and new professionals. The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health is designed to provide adults with a safe, physical space to learn about sexual pleasure, health, and advocacy issues. Based out of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, The CSPH’s library and training space resembles a mini sex-museum with a 1950’s home flair. Filled with educational materials, sex toys, books, and the largest handmade vulva doorframe in America, it’s a place where people can attend events, read books, receive personal consultations, or even just pop by to satisfy their curiosity.

CONTACT: Brandy Wine
PHONE: (617) 610-2834
EMAIL: rogue@rogueburlesque.com


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