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Deciphering the codes that help to unravel a mystery, revealing the face of the hidden murderer or solving the mystery of an unprecedented theft – The thriller novels are filled with melodramatic twists and turns that engulf the reader from start to finish. The best mystery novels weave the spicy elements of fear and awe into a can’t put down, heart pounding adventure. Many avid readers love the thriller fiction genre because they immerse you into an amazing world that’s filled with suspense, murder, detective, crime, spy, paranormal, and adventure. The thrilling aspects lie in the themes that are mainly non-stop action, uncertain circumstances, terrifying suspense, and the super natural.  These suspense books ensure sensational thrills and you can feel the chilling experiences as you turn each page.

In this thriller and suspense genre the best crime novels are those that have strong story plots with adventurous characters, both antagonists and protagonists, who are pitted in games of wit and pursuit, all wrapped in a detective type element. They’re very similar to general fiction except for the tough, but simple heroic characters, who are scripted to kill the villains. The heroes ward off every imaginable danger that confronts them, as they fight for justice. The main element of suspense weaves throughout the story and the reader is unsure what will happen next.

Thrillers have story backgrounds that stress murder mysteries, corruptions, supernatural phenomena, etc. They draw interest and create anxiety among the readers, who are eager to find out what will happen next. Also they have intricate and interesting plots, set in terrifying venues, and almost always get the reader rooting for its compelling heroes. These crime mystery novels appeal to a wide spectrum of readership, including young adults, who are drawn to them because they are more daring and action filled. Check out the Best Mystery Novels.net book store, there are hundreds of best seller books which are sure to enhance your enjoyment … And the price is right.

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