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Many new futures traders run into the same problem. They start trading, make some money, and then all of a sudden they start to lose money at a rapid pace. Eventually they eat away at all their profits and all their trading capital trying to figure out what went wrong.

If you want to be a successful futures trader, you must first take the time to do a little research. You need to know what the common mistakes are and how you can avoid them. Here are the 4 most common pitfalls of futures traders and how you can avoid them.

Mistake #1? Not Sticking With A System Long Enough

Many times when a strategy starts to produce results, new traders will switch things up and try a new system. Anytime you make a sudden change of system it shows your inability to evaluate the market without your emotions getting in the way. When this happens the end result is almost always a huge loss of profit.

The key to being a successful futures trader is adaptation. Don’t change your strategy every time the wind blows. Instead you should learn to adapt your strategy when you see changes taking place in the market. When you know how to adapt you give yourself the opportunity to make consistent profits no matter what’s going on in the market.

Mistake #2? Not Learning How To Protect Yourself

Futures trading, as with all trading, involves a lot of risks. That’s why it is so important you learn how to protect yourself. There are many different ways you can go about protecting yourself. For example, using a stop loss order is a great way to minimize your losses while maximizing your profits. You can also use heading strategies such as buying puts. Knowing these strategies will help you keep your losses at a comfortable level.

Mistake #3? A Lack Of Focus

Successful trading requires your undivided attention. If you can’t read and evaluate the markets effectively you will have a hard time making a profit. While some distractions can’t be avoided, you should try to always do your trading in a quite place that is free of distractions. Doing so will help you stay focused. The more focused you are, the better your odds of making profitable trades.

Mistake #4? Refusing To Listen To New Ideas

If there is one thing that is consistent about the market its change. It doesn’t matter how great you currently are as a trader, there is always room for improvement. All too often traders think they know enough and they stop learning. You should never stop learning. Always be open to new ideas.

The markets change everyday. If you aren’t open to new ideas you will be left behind. If on the other hand you are open to learning new things, you will be able to continue making a profit no matter what’s going on in the market.

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