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The original Kanger Subtank was an fast hit when it came out but wasimmediately outclassed by its smaller sized sized sized sibling – the Subtank Mini. Now,the Kanger Subtank Mini may perhaps maybe possibly be the hottest sub-ohm tank about thebusiness since it ofers a com?ort like no other. !ith the Mini there is not anymust use a screwdri”er and alter unique components to replace the coils.

The Subtank #lus measures $%mm in diameter and comes using a brand new driptip style. No ought to trans?orm out any caps or pieces when swapping involving an&'( and the pre-built )** coil.

The Subtank #lus can hold a whopping +.%ml o? li?uid – up within the ?ml o? theoriginal Subtank. ?n addition, it attributes a mini &'( that is /001 compatible withall the Subtank Mini.

The ?actory-installed )** is wicked ?rom genuine 2apanese organic cotton to pro”idea signi3cantly impro”ed 4a”or and ofer you with a a lot much more satis?ying “ape.!ith 5ust “arious twists and turns, you could switch ?rom a pre-made )** coil to acustomized wick approach that you simply constructed ?or the personal persontaste.

There isn6t a way to turn back time and pre”ent Kangertech ?rom releasing all therenew greatest products, the new Subtank #lus is no e7ception being the 3rst atmarket with a 5aw dropping 0./% coil setup. The option to switch in between Kanger6snewly designed and easily replaceable )rganic *otton *oil heads 8)**9 and a newrebuildable atomizer head makes the subtank plus a no doubt in my mind purchase.)** make use o? organic cotton wicking great tasting, mouth watering 4a”or. !ith 5ust a ?ew twists, you can switch ?rom a con”enient of the shel? coil “apinge7perience to your local ?a”orite “ape shop modi?ying and tweaking your own build.

The Kanger SubTank Plus is an updated version of the original Subtank. It’s essentially a larger version of the SubTank Mini. They’ve changed the airflow system to that of the SubTank Mini. They’ve also gotten rid of the need to change the top section when switching between the OCC head and the RBA head and vice versa. The RBA head is now the same as the one used in the SubTank Mini.

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