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In 2008, 5.3 billion dollars were spent on federal elections. Barack Obama spent 730M and John McCain spent 333M. The average winner of a house seat spent 1.4M on his or her campaign.

As political battles become more expensive, political fundraising becomes more important. It is nearly impossible to win a race without outspending your opponent. Outspending your opponent means raising more money. Political fundraising has always been a numbers game. The campaigns use events, direct mail, email blasts and phone banks to raise capital.

Texting Base, a software company out of Orlando, FL is looking to change the game of political and non-profit fundraising.

“At any given moment, 91% of people in the United States have a cellular phone within arms reach,” said CEO Eric Beans. “98% of text messages are read compared to 22% of emails. We have created a way to take the incredibly powerful tool of texting and make it more powerful through personalization. The word “personalization” is being used a lot these days, but in this case it means group messages can be customized using any number of data fields determined by our customers. The texts can be personalized well beyond first name and/or last name. This is big news for the fundraising groups and political campaigns who live and die on election results.”

Texting Base is a cloud-based software that adds efficiency to business texting communications. Texting Base allows you to write and schedule your text communications for weeks, months or years in advance to all your contacts in seconds and have each message be meaningful.

Eric Beans continued “when you compare Texting Base to the expenses associated with direct mail or staffing and managing a telemarketing group, it’s a significant gain in efficiency and results at a fraction of the cost.”

Combining the efficiency of a “mass text” and the power of a personal text message is the key differentiator. No matter how many people are in the group you create, each one will receive a personalized message.

Finally, those who are looking for a way to use texting as a means to raise money have a viable solution to help.

For more information, please visit http://www.textingbase.com/niches/politics

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