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Summary: Advanced Neurosurgery of Reno offers minimally invasive spine surgery.

Reno, NV – Advanced Neurosurgery of Reno is a provider of neurosurgical care in the Reno and Carson City, Nevada area. Board Certified Neurological Surgeon Dr. Michael H. Song provides patients with a full range of services, and keeps up on the newest advanced in spinal care, including minimally invasive spine surgery and disc replacement.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, as its name implies, is a term that describes a number of different surgical techniques that involve making smaller incisions in the patient than have historically been made with certain types of procedures. As a result, patients are left with less tissue damage than they might otherwise have sustained with more traditional and invasive techniques. Practicing at Advanced Neurosurgery of Reno, Dr. Michael H. Song is fully trained in the correct use of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery techniques.

At Advanced Neurosurgery of Reno, each patient is considered unique, and the staff considers each one a partner in health care. Treatment always begins with a comprehensive physical exam that uses the most advanced imaging technology there is. This enables them to get an accurate diagnosis, which leads in turn to the best possible course of treatment.

“After MRIs of both neck and lumbar regions, a series of physical therapy sessions and epidurals were prescribed to see if symptoms would improve,” a patient recalled. “Instead, the symptoms worsened. Dr. Song recommended a plated fusion C4-C7 first, then an L4-L5 ILIF.”

The patient underwent the recommended surgeries, and said afterward that each of them went better than he had hoped for. “End result of surgeries is complete elimination of lumbar/leg pain and numbness, and the end of a perpetual shoulder/neck muscle spasm that I had endured for 20-plus years…I have started cycling again for the first time in fifteen years. I have nearly 1,000 miles on a recumbent trike, and have ambitions to seriously increase this mileage in the future.”

About: Dr. Song and the staff at Advanced Neurosurgery of Reno are gratified by such success stories. In addition to treating immediate issues such as the one described, Dr. Song also promotes the doctrine of prevention in all of the treatment plans, and says that this is a way to prevent any possible future problems.

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