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Dr. Maritza Dominguez will be providing free dental screenings to participants of the Conferencia Sobre la Diabetes, Por Tu Familia Conference of the American Diabetes Association. The said event will be held at Rutgers Busch Campus Student Center from 9:30 am to 2:00pm in Piscataway New Jersey Dec. 6th 2014.

Dr. Dominguez will be presenting an educational workshop in Spanish called Algo para Hacerle Sonreir. The participants will be given insights on how Oral Health and Diabetes are related. She will be interviewed by Univision on November 19th. Univision is a Spanish TV Network that is located in New Jersey. Details on how the screening and workshop can benefit anyone who attends will be discussed. There will be all kinds of valuable health information given during this conference.

It is the seventh year that Dr. Dominguez has participated as the lead dental examiner for the American Diabetes Association. Dr. Dominguez has been in the dental field for almost 40 years. Her office Brunswick Dental Associates, LLC is located in New Brunswick, NJ. She is the only Dentist in New Brunswick, N.J. who is certified in the treatment for Diabetics since 2008. Her office offers compassionate, quality, gentle dental care for Diabetics and any person who are interested in maintaining optimal Oral Health. Dr. Dominguez has also written a book called Diabetes and Dental Disease in English and Spanish. This is for anyone who wants to learn more about the relationship between Diabetes and Oral Diseases.

The participation and involvement of Dr. Maritza Dominguez with the American Diabetes Association benefits both the participants and anyone dealing with family members who have Diabetes. This is because Periodontal Disease is the 7th complication of Diabetes. Sometimes, Periodontal Disease is undetected and can alter the levels of sugar in one’s body. This makes a person with Diabetes more prone to infections. With this educational workshop, participants will become more knowledgeable on how they can manage both Oral Diseases and Diabetes since one is related to the other.

Brunswick Dental Associates, LLC in New Brunswick, N.J. is dedicated to understanding the most important concerns of patients regarding their dental health. Our office constantly provides endless support to patients who are seeking reliable and effective solutions regarding their Diabetes and Oral Health conditions. We also treat patients without Diabetes.

For more information, please feel free to visit www.dentistryfordiabeticsNJ.com. If there are questions or comments, please call them at 732-246-4443.

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