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Fortunate Changes, A Metaphysical New Age Store, in Wesley Chapel opened on November 17, 2014.

Fortunate Changes is a New Age Store featuring Psychic Readings, Crystal Healing, Metaphysical Products, and Guided Meditation Classes for healing and abundance. The store offers a variety of Metaphysical Products, Books, DVDs, aromatherapy, essential oils, candles, and crystals. Other products include handmade jewelry from local artists, wire-wrapped, pendants, John of God rings, bracelets and crystals. Artisans from all over the world handcraft the jewelry. They personally hand select each and every piece so that we they bring only the very best in Metaphysical and Holistic jewelry.

Rocks and Stones come in all kinds with a variety of sizes. Divination tools include pendulums, crystal wands, white sage and the elusive line Mariposas for higher-conscious living.

Fortunate Changes is a family-owned business founded thru guidance. With a love for gemstones, the owner Francine suffered from chronic pain and discovered the power of Crystals and meditation. According to Francine, “I only purchase Crystals with the highest frequency. We base our principles of high-quality workmanship, and excellent value.” The store has been her dream for 5 years, and she is excited to share her metaphysical passion with others in the community. The entire store was constructed with Selenite in the paint. Selenite is the crystal for clearing of negativity and energy fields, allowing access to the interior of the physical body to understand existing disorders, and providing mental and emotional benefits. Health benefits have been reported including extension of life span, general heart, skeletal, teeth, skin and neurological benefits, moderation of hyperactivity and seizures and improvement of libido and fertility. Selenite is also reported to be useful for meditation and achieving mental clarity.

Crystals have an exclusive internal structure, energy that resonates at a certain frequency. It is a person’s intention and energy that is said to give crystals their healing adeptness. These semi-precious stones are gifts from God. They have been given to us with many healing abilities. Bringing crystals into a personal space is a way of connecting with the earth.

They will be featuring a world renowned Psychic and Medical Intuitive, Andrea Krudo.

There are numerous reasons for physical symptoms. Medical intuition takes into consideration the physical, mental and environmental causes, but also reaches deep into areas that may seem unconventional to many, such as, past lives, emotional trauma, repressed memories, subconscious patterns and even foreign energy, which is an attachment to energy that is not yours. Andrea Krudo clairvoyantly sees the psychic and energetic patterns underlying physical symptoms, often rooting out the blockages that are distorting the path to health and wellbeing. To many, this process has been instrumental toward renewed health.

Future events will include classes on feng shui, metaphysics, crystal bowl mediations, and Psychic Readings.


For more information, call 813 973-7407 or visit http://FortunateChanges.com

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