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Most people once they go to purchase a car appear for something with an automated transmission. That’s understandable. It’s one of the excellent innovations many of us came to take for given that makes driving just that much easier to deal with.

Navigating the intricate world of Internet marketing and social media is way more challenging than driving, then when an innovative tool arrives along that promises to make our digital lives easier and more productive we have been apt to want to embrace it, particularly if it’s free.

One such tool that has driven a lot of accolades and customers is the type referred to as the social media communications publisher (a.k.a. “social media dashboard”), provided by numerous fairly new outfits like Hootsuite, Seesmic and Threadsy. These Web or desktop dependent applications automatically post your blogs, tweets and so on. (and in some cases other file types like images, music and videos) to the various social media websites you might have an existence on, helping you handle one extremely important factor of your social media campaign more efficiently. Sound great? You wager. Unfortunately, the reality may not match the expectancy.

Besides the very real issue that, in their rush to get their apps to market, some of these services may fall short on functionality or reliability (even their compensated edition(s), not to mention the uncovered-essentials free option), there is now some disheartening news that’s come out of a recent U.S. research indicating an additional reason why this kind of resources may not be quite the advantage they are created out to be. The research, by EdgeRank Checker, shows that publishing to a social media website by means of such 3rd-party tools is not as effective in gaining fan engagement as posting immediately (i.e., manually) or utilizing an app that is proprietary to the specific site.

Why might this be? There could be an amount of factors.

One is the fact that social media websites want people to use their specific site’s “official” apps, i.e. those managed by them. So, they could lower the “weighting” of postings facilitated by 3rd-party tools, ensuing in less fan engagement and connection. Another is that relying on an app’s pre-set up scheduling can negatively impact the usefulness of articles which are time-delicate. Too, a spray gun approach to publishing doesn’t permit tweaking or customizing of the article for every specific website–what’s perfect for Facebook may not be ideal for LinkedIn, and so on. In addition, getting the identical item in numerous places on the Web may result in Google to flag it and minimize its search engine ranking. These are just some of the possibilities.

This provides me to the point that I truly desired to drive home with this article, and that is this: it’s far better to achieve fewer individuals with real effect than numerous without much of any. Building a fan base ought to be about building partnerships, not about compromising effectiveness for the benefit of expediency. True loyal fans who support you over the long-haul are among your most beneficial assets. Treat them that way and they’ll be like money in the bank. Apart from, driving a handbook transmission can be a lot more fun.

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