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Short-term leases refer to a lease that is less than a year long, with the average one being about six months long. Generally, people want a short-term lease because they have moved temporarily for work, are in between homes, or are renovating their current house.

Usually, short-term leases are not very popular with property-owners. The major disincentive is that short-term lease do not provide a stable and secure income for long periods of time, but also, they create more work as the landlord has to vet potential tenants more often and may end up having an empty place more often. Short-term leases end up taking more of a landlord’s time.

Because of this, often the property owner has the upper hand when it comes to negotiating, and often the potential occupants will have to give a number of allowances such as higher rent, larger deposits, and more conditions on the lease.

Therefore, if you do not Short Term Car Lease destination yet, you should look for places that have a higher turnover rate so that you have a little extra negotiating leverage. Being knowledgeable about the turnover rate of an area can be very useful when bargaining.

Another good idea is to tell the property owner that you are able to pay the deposit straight away, maybe even a few months rent in advance. By doing this, you may be able to drop the monthly rent.

Also, a good thing to offer when bargaining is to say you will take the place that you will take on the cleaning, will not complain about anything that needs fixing up around the place, and in general, accept a lower condition of the property.

You also need to be aware that when bargaining, you need to assess whether you will be given the same facilities and utilities as long-term leases. These things may include a parking spot for your car, water and garbage collection.

Another good idea is to have some references from former property owners vouching for you, as this will smooth the negotiation process. The more credibility you can show, the more leverage you have.

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