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In a day and age where more and more people are pushing themselves through further and higher education, many young people can find that their degree in ‘Socio who knows what’, is not actually that useful to them in the real world. It’s frequent for graduates to leave university with an English or History degree and find that to get into their chosen line of work, further, more specific qualifications are needed.

Anyone looking at this sort of career path can expect themselves to be racking Plumber Leeds up debt up to the age of twenty two or twenty three. That’s not necessarily so bad if the future work guarantees recouping what you’ve already invested in yourself, but with so many graduates rolling out of Universities, the field you were hoping to enter may be more competitive than you were lead to believe.

Far fewer people are leaving school early for skilled labour positions such as plumbing, but, as has been widely reported in recent years, there’s a real shortage of the guys with the spanners and wrenches. With the average annual wage for a plumber sitting at about twenty six thousand pounds a year, it’s well worth investigating.

There are several ways to qualify as a plumber. An easy and direct Plumbers in Leeds route is to take a Certificate level 2 at your local night classes. If you’re a school or college leaver you should be able to find a day job to fund this, and if you’re over eighteen and out of work, you may well qualify for free tuition at your local college. The Certificate level 2 is equivalent to the NVQ qualification other than an exam in employment law.

It’s also possible to switch to the NVQ course as you progress through the year. Both courses are generally two nights a week over the period of an academic year which should also give you a good amount of time to research local plumbing companies and perhaps start to contact some potential employers.

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