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There is some post-paid provider disenchantment going on in my circle of pals. Within the previous few weeks, a minimum of 4 folks I know have described a possible switch to prepaid wireless as they close to the end of their cell phone contracts. There is, on the other hand, one caveat they say: “I want to preserve my telephone.” Fortunately, they could unlock their existing phones and take them to a prepaid wireless provider. If you are not familiar with the term, an unlocked phone is just that: a phone that is not locked into (or related to) a specific provider. You’ll be able to bring your unlocked telephone to one more carrier by installing a Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card, a microchip inserted into your telephone that enables a wireless provider to deliver cell service to your telephone. A SIM card also stores your subscriber data.

The type of phone you have got will identify how straightforward or difficult it’s to unlock your telephone. For example, prepaid giant TracFone Wireless (which owns NET10 and Straight Speak) sells its phones at a discount, which suggests it will not let these phones to be unlocked. Straight Talk plans are directly linked towards the serial quantity of the phone you are using, so you cannot just transfer the SIM card. But you are able to unlock your phone and use it having a GSM network.

In case your contract is up (or you’ve paid any early termination charges) and are in superior economic standing, you could ask your previous mobile provider to unlock your telephone. If they do, then you can take your telephone to a further wireless provider, for instance AT&T, Straight Speak, T-Mobile, or Virgin Mobile. Lots of telephone manufacturers will release unlock codes according to telephone model (a quick Google search should turn up some options); some places like cellular phone stores might be helpful as well. If pursuing any of those avenues isn’t successful, it is possible to always buy an unlocked how to unlock iphone 4 from an online retailer (eBay or Amazon) or a physical retail store for example Walmart or Target. The great thing about purchasing an unlocked telephone within the first place is that it’s not tied to a wireless provider. Which indicates you might have the flexibility to insert a new SIM card into your new unlocked telephone and select the carrier you want through which to send texts, make calls, and surf the web.

If you can’t bear to part with your iPhone, you may have some options when it comes to switching to prepaid wireless. Only a couple of providers offer the iPhone 4 and 4S and right now, only 3 of them will let you bring your own iPhone to their plans. AT&T will unlock iphone 4 for customers who are out of contract (or who have paid early termination charges) and are in good financial standing. Cricket Wireless and Virgin Mobile require that you buy an unsubsidized iPhone 4 or 4S from them. A handful of other providers will let you bring your iPhone with you (and in some cases it is possible to retain your number): AT&T’s GoPhone

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