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Purchasing FFXI Gil is a good means of driving forward the game play of your personality in FFXI online, especially because this allows you to grow faster than any other player in the game. Some may consider it unethical, and some just plain nasty, but I say when you purchase to invest money on something that is important to you why shouldn’t you? In any case lots of people try to get much better in the game; some do it by selecting to bribe buddies to loose against them in order to acquire EXP, other people purchase Gil from real businesses and some try to hack the game. If you really want to turn out to be better at this game, you have to do everything you have got to do, and one good way (where you actually still have to play the game your self) is buying FFXI Gil.

Of course you’ll certainly be enjoying the game, and everything like EXP and battle experience and quest achievement still stay your responsibility, but everybody understands how hard it can be to find sufficient Gil to buy something you actually need for those who have got anything else ready. It’s simply time-wasting if you ask me, and you shouldn’t be forced to play around for hours without having end just to get a large amount of money. Purchasing it really is much easier.

Now of course Gil is artificial, even virtual money only existing in computers, and dealings in Gil are hard to control, particularly since you do not always stand a possibility to get your money back once somebody had taken you for a ride since essentially what you’re performing is considered unlawful by the game makers. But you will find a lot of legitimate businesses out there that are concerned with precisely this: gathering Gil money from home and after that selling it for real money, and also, since these people are generally poor people from India or any other Oriental countries, I’d say provide them with that money for their work. It’s really very well compensated there and I think it certain surpasses working your ass off in some copper my own.

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