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workplace that an individual spends the maximum time. Thus, it has become imperative that the workplace is well designed and ensures healthy working environment. In addition to being spaced out and comfortable, office space should also be high on functionality as well. Thus, with so much importance to office refurbishment, there has been a wave in the office interiors sector and everybody seems to be taking this aspect quite seriously. Thus, with such demand, there has been an introduction of many innovative ideas in the office renovation. One such interesting way of giving your office a new look is use of office partitions.

Types of workspace partitions:

These days offices are becoming large and widely spread to ensure there is sufficient space. However, these huge spaces are useful only when they are spaced out well and divided into cabins. These portioning of the office space gives an organised look to the office and also provides privacy. Thus, with such features, office partitions are now available in various types like:

• Glass Partitions: if you wish to have a frameless appearance partition, then glass partitions are the best choice. This type of partition uses panels of different shapes like straight or curvy. Glass partitions give a bright and lively environment with giving a ‘breathe easy,’ feel. If you think that glass partition is intruding your privacy, then they can be covered with window blinds.

• Composite partitions: Composite partitions are aluminium framed partitions that use light weight plasterboards. These are 50mm thickness frames that are coated with colour as well. Depending upon the requirement, these frames are available in single and double gaze. These partitions are very popular in office space because they are easy to fix, cost effective and are fire proof.

• Wood partitions: Wooden partitions have been the oldest office partition type. These partitions not only give the office a very classy and elegant look. In addition, they ensure complete privacy.

• Stud partitions: Stud partitions also known as proprietary aluminium systems are partitions made of normal plaster wallboard that are fixed with one or two layers on the studwork frames. These partitions are not always aluminium but are also sometime available in timber. These partitions are fire proof and have the ability to improve its acoustic performance. These partitions offer flexibility and are available in a wide range of options and in various prices.

Thus, next time you wish to have
Glass office Partitions London, you know the various types available and can therefore choose what suits you the best. Here you go: http://www.gxigroup.com There are many service providers in the market who provide almost all the types of partitions under one roof. With virtual world being the house for all business houses, you can find an array of office interiors store online as well. Many a times, service providers to sustain in the market, price competitively but in such cases there is a risk that the quality may not be upto the standard. Therefore, give importance to quality over price.

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