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The CCENT Exam is not an easy exam, but if you can follow these tips on ways that you need to prepare for it, you can certainly pass the test the first time around.

The CCENT has a variety of different question types ranging from multiple choice, simulator questions, matching, and selecting multiple answers. So one of the main things you need to do is make sure that you read the directions for each question type so that you answer it correctly. It wouldn’t be very fun to fail the test just because you didn’t follow the directions and not because you didn’t know the material well enough. Before you begin the exam though there will be a 15 minutes tutorial on all the different question types. That way you can understand them before you begin your actual timed exam.

As you are preparing for your CCENT certification you will want to divide up your time so that you adequately learn new topics, review them, and practice them. A lot of people lack time practicing configuring small networks with Cisco routers and switches. A lot of people simply spend their time on practice tests, but the most important thing you can do is know how to configure Cisco’s routers and switches like the back of your hand. If you can configure these devices without having to look at your notes you will be very far ahead and very prepared for the exam. Even though there are only a couple simulator questions, knowing how to configure routers and switches is going to apply to almost every single question. Even though it may not be a direct configuration question, having that knowledge will help out extremely in choosing the right answer.

It can take you months from when you start to prepare for your CCENT exam and when you are finally ready to take it. In order to be sure that you still remember things that you first started learning months ago you need to review on a regular basis. I recommend making a summary sheet for each different topic. Simply list the bare essentials that you need to know and you will quickly be able to review them keeping them fresh in your mind.

You know you are ready for the exam when without looking at any notes you can correctly configure Cisco routers and switches in a small network environment and you can write down everything down on your summary sheets for each topic without having to look at them. If you can do all that, I’d say you are ready.

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