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Tarot cards are a pack of seventy eight cards which is used by mystics in efforts to read the mind through spiritual ways. Like normal deck of cards the tarot has four suits with cards numbered one through ten and also court cards that include a queen, king, knight and page. The deck also includes 22 symbolic picture cards that do not belong to any suit. The decks were initially that is before the eighteenth century were used to play a game called triumph that was similar to bridge. In triumph, 21 of the 22 special picture cards were permanent trump cards. The game spread quickly to all parts of Europe. People began referring to as tarocchi, which is an Italian version of the French word tarot, around 1530.

History of Tarot Reading:

In 1781, in France and England, followers of the occult discovered Tarot cards. They saw the symbolic pictures of the cards as having more meaning than the simple trump cards they were used for at the time. They used the cards as a divination tool, and occult writers wrote about “the Tarot.” After this, the Tarot became a part of occult philosophy. There are also those who believe that Tarot cards originated in Egypt. In some circles, they are thought to be the sole surviving “book” from the great fire that burned the libraries of ancient Egypt. In this theory, the cards are considered to be the hieroglyphically keys to life. In many European countries, where these games are largely unplayed, tarot cards are now used primarily for divinitory purposes. Occultists call the trump cards and the Fool “the major arcana” while the ten pip and four court cards in each suit are called “minor arcana”. A variety of styles of tarot decks and designs exist and a number of typical regional patterns have emerged.

What to expect:

Whenever a person is curious to know about the future or his luck or probably is facing some problem, Tarot readings could be the answer to the entire dilemma. For that you need to visit the tarot card reader and then they read the mental map through cards. Each card possesses a pictogram and title that represents a specific concept. The belief in divination associated with Tarot focuses on the prospect that whatever cards are dealt to the participant will be revelatory. More often than not you will find that your personal tarot reading will reveal many relevance’s and appropriateness to you as you continue on with your day, recalling and reflecting on the information received when the time is right, which you will know. You will then find the confirmation you were looking for has made itself apparent, and you will know it and feel it.There is much for us to base our opinion on however; we must always be diligent and honest with ourselves when digesting the information given. Trust in what you feel when you are in the flow of your Tarot Readings. Here you go: http://www.psychic-reading-uk.co.uk

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