Anytime you have to give a speech or presentation, you should use humor. It is a very powerful tool and always makes the speaker more likable, the message more interesting and powerful and the entire event more fun and successful. You might have to give a speech to honor someone at a private event like a birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement or bar mitzvah. Or maybe you need to speak at a business or corporate event, and deliver a presentation in which you recognize sales leaders, long time good employees, or newly promoted executives. It could be a convention made up of industry peers and clients or it could be the annual Christmas party. The point is, everything goes over better with the audience when there is some well placed humor- be it punchlines, humorous stories or anecdotes, funny references or just jokes. You still keep everything important and serious in your speech, all of the facts, figures, names and places that are essential to impart to the audience. It is just that by integrating humor, by lacing your important speech with select, appropriate jokes, you take something that runs the risk of being dry, flat and frankly boring, and you turn it into an opportunity for entertainment and warmth. You turn a speech or presentation that felt like a dreaded chore into a moment where you get to be a superstar. Some people very effectively use the format of a “roast,” which means having jokes making fun of the honoree or honorees or really anyone who’s in attendance. These jokes might will probably have an edge to them but they will ultimately not hurt or embarrass anyone, rather they are honoring, through familiarity and humor, a beloved family member, co-worker, associate, etc. It is possible to try to write your own humor or jokes into your speech or presentation, but it also may be extremely difficult or impossible for the non-expert. Your attempts at humor may flat and be unsuccessful. It is very wise to hire a proven, professional comedy writing team. I recommend Funny Biz Speechwriters – thefunnybiz.biz – as they are one of the outstanding humor speech writing firms in the US. They are made up of tested, proven Los Angeles-based comedy writers and have written dozens and dozens of customized funny speeches and roasts for clients ranging from white collar professionals to top executives to celebrities. And their prices are surprisingly affordable! Remember, being funny in a public speaking situation is an incredibly powerful asset and hiring a top comedy speech writer like Funny Biz Speechwriters – – is probably the best move you could make. And that, my friends, is serious advice!

I recommend Funny Biz Speechwriters and Funny Biz Speechwriters

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