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The Concept

The top level management and the financial analysts will review the purchase of vehicles through car leasing arrangements is a positive statement of business longevity. It make sense as the car-leasing deals often covers the vehicles maintenance and servicing within the agreement, so it will be the money factor as well. The Business car leasing is the easy way of transporting when it is required. The initial payment of a car leasing deal is actually equivalent to the three months payment. The first two months will be as a deposit and the third part of the payment as the month’s rental, additional an administration fee will be charged. At the end of the agreement it is normal to take the deposit from the first car onto any subsequent vehicle you take a lease out on. Once any new car taken for delivery, then it is necessary to make a clear point that how long it is going to be taken.

If it is for one-year contract, then nine months of payments, or if it is 3 years means, then it will be of 33 payments. Before handing over the car to the dealer make sure all the criteria has been covered and completely check the vehicle. How the business user will make a deal out of it. The monthly payments, along with providing you with a new car will also include full maintenance, routine maintenance and servicing, tyres and exhausts provided by the leasing agent. Many of the larger organisations also provide roadside assistance. The dealers will easily identify the user and they will quite often provide a dedicated accident manager along with a free telephone line for booking appointments provided by any user and services network of courtesy cars to pick the business users.

The Benefits

There are various reasons the car leasing firms will get benefits by this idea. Some of them which include like: maintaining the cash flow, getting more value for money, the tax benefits and etc. Any businesses will completely or partially rely on the use of fleet vehicles which will especially benefit from leasing. If you could see the purchase cost of fleet vehicles will give great expense for companies relying on them to operate and also maintaining the same by doing regular services. The capital purchase price for fleet vehicles will seriously involve cash flow and it will increase the owner’s financial risk. So it is difficult to maintain the expense as well the expense incurred for company. The other benefits of Business lease deals include by getting a new vehicle every few years and no need to pay any cost for servicing the vehicle like tyre change, Oil change, repairing any electrical failures in and out of the cars, road side assistance and vehicle warranties on new vehicles rather than paying for these on out of pocket expenses. So it is very easy and convenient way of leasing the car for private usage.

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