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The Lift for Stair

It is a device that has a motorised seat which travels up and down a rail on the side of the stairs. These rails are normally fitted along to the stairs and not to the wall. These seats of a Stair lifts will have a back-rest option, arm rest and also a footrest for your feet to rest on. This device can be operated by the press of a button that located on the arm for moving upward or downward and the stairlift will take you to your desired destination and stop automatically when desire location arrived. The installation of this device is a very clean and easy process. Only the drilling process is involved to make small holes on the treads of existing stairs with the interval of every 4 to 5 steps so that the rail fixing brackets can be installed securely to get fixed to the stairs. The completion of the works involves in fitting and making the wiring to perform the desired work.

Installing and using the standard straight staircase is easy and that applies to the staircases which are curved as well. The turns and bends will impact the operation of this device. The curved device is a custom-built which needs to get suit to the exact profile of the stairs. The straight is normally fitted on the wall side of the stairs whereas the curved will need to be fitted on either the wall side or the banister side. Mostly these devices are available with a different seat colours that matches the tone with the decoration of the house that exist already. However there are other options that need to consider carefully when anyone who want to install the equipment in their house to help the person having some physical problem.

Choosing the Right

The main problem will arise in defining which the right product is, and which will meet the needs of the loved ones now and in the near future. This brief overview will provide a complete insight into the areas where need to investigate, and what questions that need to enquire and things that need to think about, to choose the right device. Before buying the device the best way is that you need to pick the phone up and, talk to the friends and relatives who this equipment already. They will have the experience in buying and installing the device they might have some professional numbers for you to provide to have a consultation to avoid un-necessary drawback after the installation of this device. It is very important to keep in touch with the reliable company and need to compare the models and the price tags before buying.

During the process of choosing a stairlift, the sales representative may tell something that may not suit at present situation because after all, it’s their job to know everything about their products, be they curved, straight or outdoor. So make a clear statement that what you want. Then the representative will suggest the right Stairlifts for you to use.

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