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Today, Benidorm is a growing, bustling tourist destination. Certainly, the sheer amount of tourists each year makes it the third busiest destination in Europe. The only two which get even more traffic are London and Paris. Cheap Benidorm Holidays are known for providing unbelievable beaches, thriving night life and looming hotels, however it wasn’t always this way.

Till Pedro Zaragoza Orts, the lead character of our tale, came, Benidorm was a little, seaside fishing village. It had a remarkable climate and spectacular mountains, but appeared predestined to continue to be stunning yet unidentified.

In 1950, Zaragoza was appointed mayor. Recognizing the potential of the place, and knowing what Cheap Benidorm Holidays from Newcastle developments had been occurring in northern Europe, he went about turning it into a tourist hotspot.

He began by organizing for water to be pumped to the village from ten miles away, guaranteeing a huge enough supply for his vision. The next step was to get in touch with significant airline companies in northern Europe and begin urging the vacationer. The slogan “sun and beach” was sent out, and planeloads of British vacationers started to show up. /www.blueholidays.co.uk/cheap-holidays-to-Benidorm-holidays-in-Benidorm.html were the most recent vacationer magnet, it seemed.

As increasingly more travelers flooded in, they brought with them a product that had ended up being widespread and typical in northern Europe, however in Franco’s Spain caused uproar and broke the conventional Catholic values that were being enforced. The swimwear attacked Spain, but using it was prohibited. In 1953 though, Zaragoza allowed swimsuits to be used in Benidorm, stating that “you could not stop it.”.

The backlash was fantastic. Members of the Civil Guard grappled with ladies in swimsuits, escorting them from beaches and public locations, and Zaragoza was threatened with excommunication by the local archbishop. Until one morning, at 6AM, Zaragoza set off on his Vespa, making Updated Blog Post the 8 hour journey to Madrid to ask Franco to provide his authorization for bikinis to be worn in Benidorm.

“I changed my t-shirt,” he states, “however I went in to the General with my pants spattered with motor oil … He backed me, and the swimwear stayed.”.

More liberal fashion policies aren’t the only reason for Benidorm’s success. In 1954, Zaragoza created and implemented the ‘Plan de General de Ordenación’, which ensured every structure site would have an area of land that wouldn’t be used for building, but should be maintained as a fairly plant-filled area, purely for leisure. This meant that Benidorm stayed clear of going the way of other cities and being entirely swallowed by gray skyscrapers, and could maintain its lush, green look.

Benidorm’s success today, and the sheer volume of Cheap Benidorm Holidays every year, is a testament to the work Zaragoza did, and his example was followed all across Spain. He went on to become a director in numerous business, along with president of his province’s council, a civil governor and a member of Parliament, however Benidorm will stay his heritage.

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