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Volkswagen, one of the premier names in the world of motoring, are also renowned as a producer of quality vans. Their latest range offers a full range of large, medium and small vehicles, giving you the customer the maximum choice to meet your business needs.

An ideal van for the small business is the Volkswagen Caddy. It is stylish and compact but offers all the cargo space you need. And if you need that extra carriage space, the Caddy Maxi with 4.4 cubic metres of storage will do the job for you.

The Caddy has a 104PS TDI PD engine, more than powerful enough to take the strain. It has a payload of 724kg and a trailer weight which goes up to 1,425kg. The Caddy is also easy to handle on the road even when fully laden. With its anti roll bars at the front and rear, and excellent suspension, the Caddy is as easy to handle as any car, no matter what the road conditions are.

Added to the Caddy range is the Caddy Maxi panel van. It has a carriage space of 4.42 cubic metres, a load compartment length of 2250 mm and a 1500kg braked trailer load.

And Volkswagen have enhanced their green credentials with their new Caddy van. The Caddy Maxi EcoFuel, which provides an extra one cubic metre in cargo space, is powered by CNG (compressed natural gas) and is the only commercial van available in the United Kingdom to offer this alternative.

If you are looking for something larger than the VW Transporter Lease is the van for you. This van is powerful but ensures fuel efficiency with a 785 mile rage before refilling the tank. Performance is always top class, even when carrying a heavy load, while its advanced Lane Change Assist system ensures safety when driving on motorways.

If you need a van that is functional, flexible and with plenty of carriage space, then why not consider the Crafter? The new Volkswagen Crafter van has been made bigger than earlier versions, thereby adding to its flexibility. And there is no shortage of choice when selecting the Crafter, with a superb range of options.

It has sliding door that make loading and unloading easy. There is also an option of three roof heights. The extra high version has a load height of 2,140mm. The Transporter also offers load lengths of 2,600, 3,265, 4,300 and 4,700mm, while the eight road volumes on offer are from 7.5 to 17 cubic metres, offering businesses an amazing degree of choice.

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