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Getting a new Boiler Installation Manchester is often a hassle – requiring a surveyor to come over to your house to provide you with an approximate quote. After a round of negotation an appropriate price is agreed upon and you can finally get your new boiler installation booked.

Thanks to our intelligent boiler quoting engine, we can give you a new boiler quote in just 60 seconds. You can then submit your details, and get one of our partnered local plumbing and heating firms to contact you. The quote we provide is merely a benchmark – but will be there or there abouts. The real price rarely strays more than 10% away from the online boiler quote we provide.

If you submit your details after receiving your boiler quote, we will pass your details to one of our partner local plumbing and heating firms. All these firms have been vetted and perform boiler installations of the highest calibre. These firms will offer the best service on the market for a reasonable price. Even better is that they are typically £500 cheaper than British Gas for a new Boiler Installation Quote.

Get your online boiler quote now, fill in your details and they will be passed to just one high quality local firm. Your information will not be passed on to anyone else. Help your local economy and save money by using a local trusted plumbing and heating firm.

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