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Cosmetic dentistry the solution to all dental problems:

“A smile is the curve that sets everything right,” says a popular quote. A charming smile can attract heart and can set the worst mood right. If smile is the biggest boon to mankind, dental issues are the biggest curse that spoils the boon. However, every problem has a solution and for all kinds of dental issues the solution is cosmetic surgery. An increasing numbers of dentists in cosmetic surgery are a live example of the increasing demand for cosmetic surgeries. With the advancement of technology, the cosmetic surgeries have become hassle free leading to restoring the confidence of many by restoring their smiles in the most effective way. Thus, cosmetic surgery is the most preferred solution across the globe for all dental issues.

Common Dental issues:

Though dental issues can be of many types, here are some of the most common dental issues that can be resolved with the help of cosmetic dentistry.

1. Missing of tooth: Sometimes it happens that individuals lose a single or multiple teeth due to accidents, decay or some other reason. In such case the procedure of dental implants comes for a rescue. The procedure includes implanting an aluminium root that the body can handle which is attached to a crown with an abutment. This procedure is a bit time consuming and needs a couple of sittings. Thus, all those with a missing teeth can benefit out of this cosmetic surgery.

2. Discolouring of teeth: Teeth losing colour ad becoming yellowish or pale white is common among many individuals. Reasons for such decolouring can be ageing, genetic problem, bad oral care, sleeping keeping mouth open etc. However, due to the advancements in dental care, solving this problem is very easy and can be solved even in a single sitting with the help of advanced bleaching technique. However, the bleaching technique is beneficial where the case is not severe. In case the decolouring is severe, the dentist has to use dental veneers.

3. Aligning teeth: Sometimes, due to reasons unknown, individuals sometimes have misaligned teeth which can affect the overall look of the face. Earlier this issue was handled by placing braces. However, setting the misaligned teeth has proved to be a painful process and is not comfortable to handle as well. They cause lot of inconvenience in eating and also appearance wise they are not that preferred. However, now with the advancements in dental care, the braces have been replaced by the invisalign procedure that uses aligners. These aligners are customised and are so meticulously made that detecting them is not possible and therefore are the most preferred than the braces.

Be it the common problems mentioned above or any other, dental care now has solutions for every possible dental care. So, next time you face a dental problem don’t dread instead find the right dentist who can solve your problem and get your smile back. With an array of dental care dispensaries, finding a good dispensary is not a problem too.

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