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Bringing back the smile:

Injured your jaw and lost tooth while playing???? Met with an accident resulting to loss of tooth??? Don’t worry and smile away as tooth implant solves the problem of lost tooth with ease. This implant is very effective if you don’t want to have bridges or partial dentures. With the advancement of medical sciences there has been lot of improvement in the dental care and many dentists are capable of setting teeth injuries with implants.

Understanding an implant procedure:

Many a times individuals have fears when they opt for implants. Thus, here are some basic steps to be remembered that would help you understand the procedure of tooth implant and help to choose the best dentist for the same.

• Before undergoing an implant procedure, it is very essential to analyse your health condition. Smokers, one who drink and diabetic patients are suggested to avoid this treatment to avoid the risk of further complications

• Once it is confirmed that as per your health conditions, you can proceed the implant treatment, the next step is to undergo the needed pre treatment assessment like X ray etc for the analysis of the jaw that needs the treatment

• Once the pre implant analysis is done, the third step is to undergo the surgery. Depending upon the severity of the treatment, the dentist either gives local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.

• The surgery includes tearing of your gum and creating a space that that allows to create a hole in the jawbone in which the titanium based artificial root is fixed. Once that is done, the gums are stitched back and left to heal and hold the implant.

• After the implant is placed the patient is required to be on medication and antibiotics to avoid any sort of infections.

• Many a times the dentists place a temporary implant for the patient to get use to and then replace them with the permanent implants that are fixed into your jaw with dental screws.

• Once the permanent implant is done, your dental set up is back to normalcy.

There is no stead fast rule of the procedure because it depends upon the experience of the dentist and also the patient’s position. The cost of a dental implant varies from dentist to dentist and also upon the type of implant chosen. Dental implant is a pricy affair but for the comfort and look it gives, it is undoubtedly the best way to set your dental damage. Though there are many dentists making foray into dental implants it is necessary to do a thorough scrutiny about the dentist before actually going for an implant. Ensure that the dispensary is close to your office or house and can be easily be accessible. As it is not a one day affair, be prepared and have patience till the treatment is over. In case of any queries, it is suggested that patients clear their doubts thoroughly and then start the treatment. So, don’t dread implants instead go ahead and choose the best dentist who can solve your jaw damage.

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