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An Office fit London can speak volumes. Each color evokes emotions. Green is a color of relaxation and balance, but it can seem bland. Blue stimulates thought, but it is often perceived as an unfriendly color, separating people and making them feel introverted. Red is exciting, but too much can lead to aggression. Black is impressive. It feels safe like a fortress, but too much of it absorbs the light and feels oppressive. White makes an office seem larger, and maximizes light, so it is a popular color for small rooms, unfortunately white can feel cold if used incorrectly.


In addition to color location makes a difference. Office fit London style is unique. Each city is different and London definitely has its own set of expectations in office furniture. Most of the recent office fit outs feature bold accents. We are seeing a lot of white, with either black or red accents, however there are a wide range of colors, textures and styles to choose from. Office refurbishment should not only reflect trends, but also the personality and character of the business.

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