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Most big producers of electricity have a diversified set of generation options that span the entire range of sources that have been utilised to get the turbines to rotate. The generation of electricity from nuclear sources has reached a level of around 18% by 2014 which is a reduction from the levels of 25% that were reached just prior to the turn of the century. The 18% of electricity supply that is produced in the UK from nuclear sources is matched by an equal amount of purchase of nuclear power from France. The main focus of the government in recent years has been a shift to green energy. The concept of green energy requires a reduction of emissions into the atmosphere from the process that generates energy. When coal is burnt to heat water, we get the smoke that is delivered into the atmosphere. This emission is a combination of the carbon that is released from the coal and the oxygen that is present in the atmosphere, creating the gas called carbon dioxide. Plants consume carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen whereas humans consume oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. This cycle of consumption by plants and emission by humans and nature ensures that the cycle is self-sustaining. Carbon dioxide is also the main component of emissions from volcanoes. We are responsible for the emission of carbon dioxide from the manufacture of electricity, emissions from vehicles and emissions from industrial production. It has now been more than 250 years of emissions from these processes related to industrialization.The increase of carbon dioxide emissions is creating a warming effect on the globe leading to the melting of glaciers and a rise in sea levels. About 36 billion tonnesof carbon dioxide have been released from the burning of fossil fuels.

The link between the activities of people in the cities and the growth of plants and crops in the farms will need to be understood by people quickly. As requirements for Commercial Electricians London increases, so does the requirement for nutritionists. How are these two professions linked? How can increased use of one lead to increased demand for the other. The answer lies in levels of carbon dioxide. As we increase our consumption of electricity, so does the production of electricity. And so does the level of carbon dioxide if we were to continue to use fossil fuels for the production of electricity. When carbon dioxide increases in the atmosphere, plants consume it in higher quantities leading to a reduction in the imbibing of water and nutrients from the soil. This can lead to a drop in nutrition from vegetables causing diets to get imbalanced. The metals that provide nutrition include nitrogen, calcium and magnesium. As the pores in the leaves absorb carbon dioxide with ease as a result of higher levels, the size of the pores gets shrunk. This has an impact on the emission of water by the plans through these very pores. Hence, with less water emission from the plants, the intake of water from the soil is lowered, and the minerals that come into the plants with water will be absorbed in lower quantities.

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