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When many people buy a new laptop or PC they will wonder what they should do with their old one. For many people the easiest thing to do would be to simply throw it in the bin for it to end up at landfill, although this may be the easiest thing to do it is not the best for the future of our planet. Laptops are made up of heavy and toxic metals, heavy metals will take hundreds of years to full decompose at landfill whilst the toxic metals will leak into the soil causing major damage to the environment.

Rather than putting your old laptop in the bin there are many ways that they can be recycled or re-used, these are listed below.

Sell Your laptop or laptop parts for Re-use

If your old laptop is working then it can be sold at one of the many online auction sites, this is great for the environment as it means not only will it be re-used but it will mean that no so many valuable materials have to be mined in the future to make new ones. If your old laptop is broken it can still be opened and the bits inside such as the screen, memory, processor or keyboard sold on for parts.

Other ways that your unwanted laptop could be re-used could be by giving it away to friends or family or even donating it too charity or a good cause.

Recycle Your laptop for cash at Computer recycling Sites

There are many laptop recycling sites that are starting to see the potential of buying used laptops. These types of recycling sites are very easy to use and much easier than selling to an online auction site especially if you have little technical knowledge. Simply visit a laptop recycler, type in the manufacturer and model number of the laptop you want to trade in and you will be quoted both a working and non-working price. If you are happy with the price then register your details and proceed through the checkout. Most laptop recyclers in the UK will provide you with a free courier service that will come and collect your old laptop, once received the quality will be checked and your payment sent within a short amount of days. Many of these recycling companies will then either refurbish them for re-sale in the UK or abroad or if they are beyond repair then they will be recycled correctly under the WEEE directive.

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