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The eyes have been described as the window to the soul. Eyes can reveal the state of mind of a person. Some people have learnt to maintain poker faces through the highs and lows. This can be a very masterly achievement as it is almost impossible to mask one’s feelings of supreme elation and intense disappointment. The term Poker Face has been derived from the importance of not revealing one’s hand while involved in a game of playing cards. There are other situations where it is very important to keep one’s feelings under cloak. The process of negotiating can be very tricky and nuanced. Sometimes, the deal that is on offer can be better that what one had hoped for. At other times, it might be an uphill battle to retrieve a lost cause. In these situations, the protagonists have to keep at the task at hand without allowing their feelings to surface and give away the ebbs and flows of the mind. The same could happen when people are being interviewed for positions or jobs. The person under the spotlight would need to be at their cheerful and confident best when facing an examination by an individual or a panel.

The pay package that would be on offer can be related to the evaluation that is being made by the interviewers. Many outcomes in life are based on the countenance of a person at the crucial moments. Many developments in the world are related to the abilities of opposing parties to put up a show of camaraderie that puts a lid on mutual animosities. In the world of corporate governance, not all of the participants will be on the same page. Meetings can turn out to be very ugly as conflicting positions try to outweigh the other. Boards of publicly owned companies will face aggressive interventions from activist shareholders. It is a matter of intense acrimony when a group is trying to replace management that it perceives to be as not up to the task. These are the times when the embattled management need to be at their best as they are faced with people who have stakes, notwithstanding the dim opinion they have of each other.

Each is having a fundamentally different opinion of the way to go forward. The methods that are used to develop skills of public speaking can prove to be very useful to anybody who is involved in the intensity of the modern business enterprise and the tough requirements of job–related tasks, contractual engagements and the primeval emotions that are triggered in public life and politics.All of us can be trained to be a good speaker or a negotiator. People who have been through a distressing event can handle the memories by taking part in EMDR COURSES. Once the troublesome memory has been found to be manageable, people can move to acquainting themselves with the next level of communication skills. The way that the world functions, it is only a matter of time before we are faced with the requirement to engage in some kind of a negotiation.

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